UPVC Corrugated Sheets

UPVC sheets are optimum choice for roofing and cladding. UPVC roofing sheet is the best replacement to conventional asbestos, metal G.I. sheets, fiberglass sheets and ceramic tile sheets, considering its property of heat insulation, sound insulation, water resistance, chemical and alkali resistance, corrosion proof, fire retardant, eco-friendly. They are easy to install and move, light weight as well as cost effective in installation. Not only that, but it can save construction cost up to 70%.

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Brand Dimensions Colours Available Variants Features Typical Application
Dion Width :1130 mm
Length : 2000 mm, 2500 mm, 3000 mm & 3660 mm
Thickness : 1 mm,1.5 mm, 2mm ,2.5 mm & 3 mm
White, Gray, Terracotta, Green,Blue and Ivory Trapezoid Wave Profile Round Wave Profile -Non Corrosive
- Alkali Resistant
-Chemical Industries
-Animal houses (Cottages) 
-Market Pathways
-Parking sheds 
-Farm Houses & Water Resorts