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    Founded in 1995 by young and motivated engineers, "Ashinishi Mktg. & Engg. Co." , is one of the pioneers in the Roofing industry in Vadodara.
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      • Polycarbonate Sheets
        • Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets
          Suppliers and traders of Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets. The high superiority of these Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets makes them ideal for solar reflectivity and roofing for hot climate.
        • Solid Polycarbonate Sheets
          Solid Polycarbonate sheets are available in variety of profiles, surface textures and shades. They are a combination of unbelievable strength, excellent clarity and designing flexibility.
        • Polycarbonate Accessories
          Polycarbonate H-section connector for joining two sheets together in the best possible manner, Aluminium H- section connectors are specially designed for polycarbonate sheets, Polycarbonate U section to prevent dust particles.
      • Colour - Coated Sheets
        The strength of steel, enhanced corrosion resistance and the aesthetic appeal of paint. Best manufacturers of colour coated sheets.
      • PVC Sheets
        • PVC Foam Board
          PVC Foam Boards are available in varied dimensions, sizes and colours. It is easy to install and has excellent resistance to moisture.
        • PVC Rigid Sheets
          Manufacturer of extruded PVC Sheets, this PVC RIGID SHEETS are extensively used in process industries and laboratories.
        • PVC Corrugated Sheets
          PVC corrugated sheet is an all-round durable roofing solution, combining excellent resistance to chemicals, fire and impact.
      • PP Flute Board / Sunpack Sheets
        PP Flute Boards are light weight, oil resistant and waterproof. It is widely used for printing and versatile material for packaging of Industrial as well as Consumer goods
      • Tile Roof Sheets
        It is ideal for installation at the roofs of various buildings to enhance their visual looks in a captivating manner.
      • FRP (Fibre) Sheets
        Fibre Sheets can be used along with asbestos cement, Galvanized or Colour coated sheets to allow uniform diffused light. Fibre roofs provide options of sizes, colours, opacity and corrugations.
      • UPVC Corrugated Sheets
        UPVC sheets are optimum choice for roofing and cladding. It is light weight as well as cost effective in installation and it can save construction cost up to 70%.
      • Turbo/Air Ventilator
        It is a self-driven equipment installed on industrial roofs to extract the inside air. As it is wind driven, no electricity or other power sources are required
      • FRP / Polycarbonate Base Plate
        Base Plates are used for mounting ventilators. Based on the profile of metal sheet used in ventilator
      • Roofing Accessories
        Roofing accessories are critical components of a Total Protection Roofing System. We offer various accessories like North Light Curvature (NLC), Roof Gutter, Corner Flashing, Gable End Flashing, Crimped Ridge, Plain Ridge, Water Channel, Drain Pipe etc.
      • Self Drilling Screws
        A self-drilling screw is a screw that can drill its own hole as it is driven into wood, plastic or metal.
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    8, Jaydeep Complex, Near Zenith School,
    Dabhoi Road, Pratapnagar,
    Vadodara- 390004, India

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